Costa Rica Real Estate Group

The Costa Rica Real Estate Group has been serving the country for over 35 years (in one form or another), now specializing in real estate on the East side of San Jose (Curridabat, San Pedro, Tres Rios, etc.), with properties such as houses, condos, farms, etc., for sale and for rent.

The East side of San Jose (Curridabat, San Pedro, Tres Rios) is one of the more rapidly growing real estate markets of the Central Valley in Costa Rica due to:

  • Year-round Spring-like climate
  • Wide variety of malls, restaurants and shopping
  • Excellent services and schools
  • More laid-back atmosphere
  • Vibrant influence of Univ. of Costa Rica
  • Plenty of nightlife
  • A nice mix of Ticos and foreigners
  • Cleaner air (being upwind of San José)
  • Close to forest and countryside
  • Short hop to downtown San Jose
  • Wide variety of properties (house, condos, apartments) for sale and for rent
  • . . . and much more!

Why Choose Costa Rica…and the East Side of San José?

COSTA RICA is truly an amazing country, well deserving of its reputation as a prime retirement haven. For one thing, the climate is fantastic. Being close to the equator, the temperature at any given location changes very little throughout the year. There are hot areas and cool areas of the country, so you can select the area with the right climate for you…and then enjoy that climate all year. If you enjoy a temperate climate, you can enjoy an eternal Spring on the East side of San Jose (San Pedro, Curridabat, etc.) and Cartago, with average daytime temperatures in the low 70s F (around 22 C) YEAR-ROUND. In Curridabat, you can leave your windows open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…never needing heat or air-conditioning! It truly is unbelievable! The coastal areas can be quite warm and humid, so many people prefer to live in an area of eternal Spring and then just go for an occasional weekend at the beach (checking out a different beach each time!). Costa Rica has real estate options for every need and desire.

But the climate is just the beginning of the advantages of this country. Costa Rica is a very small country but it is extremely diverse, from sandy beaches to 11,000-foot volcanoes, from lowland jungle to high-elevation cloudforest, from the modern capital city of San Jose to total seclusion in the countryside…. The real estate market is very diverse, from small, basic homes for sale from US$50,000 to multi-million-dollar luxury mansions and estates. So you can live as simply as you want or as extravagantly as you desire. But one of the biggest advantages and the greatest resource of the country are the warm, friendly locals (“Ticos”), who, unlike those in many of the other Central American countries, welcome the opportunity to make new friends with foreigners. With all of the above (and much, much more), Costa Rica is a fantastic place to live!

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A Little Bit About Us


We're a proud member of the American-European Real Estate network (a referral network of independent agencies throughout Costa Rica).

Your Ideal Property

Paint us a mental picture of your ideal property. If we don't have it, we network with other reputable agents in Costa Rica. So I'm confident we can help you with all your real estate needs.RELAX . . . YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS!

Our Mission

At THE COSTA RICA REAL ESTATE GROUP we do not see a client as just an opportunity to "make a sale". Instead, we strive to develop lasting relationships of trust.