SLASHED: Eco-House for Sale in La EcoVilla Sustainable Community, Near Atenas

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La Ecovilla, Alajuela Province, San Mateo, Costa Rica
For Sale US$269,000 - Homes / Condos, Single-family house
8174 214 m2 (2,300 ft2) 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Garages 2013 Year Built background Layer 1 1100 m2 (over 1/4 acre)

“Green” House in Sustainable Planned Community La Ecovilla

PRICE JUST SLASHED FOR A QUICK SALE!!  La Ecovilla, San Mateo, near Atenas, (Costa Rica) – ALMOST FREE ELECTRICTY AND HOT WATER!  A dream house for sale, built to strict eco-friendly standards, situated within a beautiful, sustainable, ecological planned community.  The house has 215 m2 (2,300 ft2) under roof on a lot of 1,100 m2 (over 1/4 acre), with 2 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (a private bath in the Master Bedroom), and a large kitchen (with granite countertops) open to the living/dining area.  Built-in ventilated closets in both bedrooms; high ceilings with upper-level ventilation with fans in all rooms (no air conditioning necessary); extra-wide doors.  The house was designed and created to be an example of how a sustainable home can still be modern, functional and attractive.

This house is the culmination of 30 years of planning and dreaming by the owners.  The architecturally designed house is built to all the eco-friendly standards they have been studying all those years.  Constructed using the award winning Canadian NUDURA SYSTEM produced as little waste as possible, as the ‘formwork’ is incorporated as insulation inside the structure; no trees were cut down and very little waste went to landfill.  The solar panels which supply all of the daytime electricity lie flat on the perfectly angled roof for security and non-visibility.  The local utility supplies our house with high speed Fiber Optic cable for TV and computer needs.  If you are similarly ecologically minded, this house will meet and exceed all your requirements and expectations.  These are just a few examples of the features of the house:

–  Built halfway down a slope to enhance drainage (the key point in permaculture);
–  Floating subfloor of reinforced concrete over interlocking plastic stools (which also acts as a radon barrier), which means the house will never be flooded;
–  All walls use the Canadian Nudura System of reinforced concrete (4” thick) sandwiched in between 2” thick slabs of insect resistant, sound and heat proof, and fire resistant Styrofoam which is integrated, eliminating the use and waste of wood formwork;
–  Completely metal roof superstructure which supports an enameled metal Standing Seam roof (ideal for the tropics!);
–  Interior space design emphasizes natural light and free-flow air, for a light and breezy experience;
–  18 installed Photovoltaic Solar Panels generally produce more electricity than the house can use, and builds credit with the utility service, with whom they have a unique 15-year contract;
–  Installed Solar Hot Water heater with 150-liter reserve tank for no-cost hot water;
–  Only house in the development which is oriented to maximize solar exposure to the PV panels;
–  The roof angle optimizes the solar effect for the panels and the heater;
–  First house with 750-liter reserve potable water tank located uphill from the house to provide water by gravity in case of well pump maintenance or general electrical outage;
–  Potable water for personal use, and separate grey water supplies and systems for toilet flushing and garden watering;
–  Blackwater is collected separately and sent by underground sewer pipe to the development’s bio-digester (no septic tank or leach field problems!);
–  The only development supplied with Optical Fiber for high-speed Internet and HDTV services (up to 10 Mbpss available, as well as 4G smartphone service);
–  All wiring to code and grounded (not common in older Costa Rican homes!);
–  Spacious kitchen with durable good-looking granite countertops. All stainless-steel appliances, attached pantry;
–  Tiled floors throughout for durability and easy cleaning;
–  Outside, attached utility room for washer, dryer, spare refrigerator, etc.;
–  Spacious, light and airy open-plan living room;
–  No trees near the house to shade the panels and/or drop leaves on the roof;
–  Driveway to carport gently graded and surfaced with recycled plastic grid to control the flow of water off the Lot;
–  This house far exceeds the specifications of the Condo Architectural Codes;
–  A minimum of wood has been used throughout to avoid some of the realities of building in the Tropics (e.g, termites!)
–  Permaculture Double-dug Raised Bed for vegetables and herbs behind the house;
–  House and Lot emphasize Low Maintenance design and features;

The eco-development’s goal is to provide a space where organic fruits and vegetables line the roads and where people of all ages and nationalities live together in harmony and respect.  The community even has its own school where the residents can send their children.  Currently all Lots are sold and most are built on.   Situated within an excellent community in the country, yet just 30 miles from San Jose, 20 miles to the coast, and just a few minutes from Orotina (the fruit capital of Costa Rica!).  Easily accessed via the “new” Route 27 toll road (the “Caldera Highway”).  A talented international group of friendly neighbors awaits you!  PRICE JUST SLASHED!  NOW US$269,000 (previously US$325,000)  (below actual construction cost)

Here’s a video of the house and community:
<p><iframe width=”500″ height=”281″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe></p>
<p>Also, click here to check out a 360-degree view of the house:  <a href=””  target=”_blank”></a></p>

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