Although the term “culture shock” is often overused, most people are quite familiar with the concept. We have learned to accept characteristics of our adopted home although at times it can be irritating. But then our own home countries are hardly without cultural defects, and many of us left partially due to them. Below, you have access to some items that may orient you to Costa Rica’s culture and history, so you can prepare for – and hopefully diminish – some of the culture shock you might experience when you decide to visit or live here.

Costa Rican Culture and History

Costa Rica Culture and Culture Shock
– Tips and hints about the Costa Ricans and their culture.

Costa Rica Law and Order
– Information about the legal system and courts in Costa Rica.

History of Costa Rica
– The unique history of Costa Rica offers insight to those who would like to live here or do business.

Early Costa Rican History
– Discovery and Colonial Times

Modern Costa Rica History
– 1948 to the Present

Democracy in Costa Rica
– Facts about Costa Rica: Courts and Government

**Articles from the archives of the American-European Real Estate Group**

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