CONVERSIONS (English / Metric / Currency)

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Area Conversion (Square Feet / Square Meters . . .)

square feet [ft2]:
square meters [m2]:
square yards [yd2]:
acres [ac]:
hectares [ha]:


Temperature Conversion (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

degrees Fahrenheit [°F]:
degrees Celsius [°C]:

Length Conversion (Foot / Meter . . .)

meters [m]:
yards [yd]:
feet [ft]:
inches [in]:
centimeters [cm]:
miles [mi]:
kilometers [km]:

Weight Conversion (Pound / Kilogram . . .)

pounds [lb]:
kilograms [kg]:
ounces [oz]:
milligrams [mg]:

Currency Conversion (US$ / Colones . . .)

Source: – the ultimate unit conversion resource.

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